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The Executive Board

Since 2016, Trigano has opted for a dual management and administration structure with a Management Board and a Supervisory Board. This mode of governance allows a clear separation between the management of the Company, which is the responsibility of the Management Board, and the control of this management, which is ensured by the Supervisory Board. Trigano thus has a reactive, efficient and multidisciplinary management team that respects the prerogatives of the Supervisory Board.
The composition of the Supervisory Board guarantees the independence of control and the balance of powers, as well as gender parity.

The Executive Board is composed of five members appointed by the Supervisory Board for a term of four years until August 31st , 2024:

Stéphane Gigou
President of the Executive Board
48 years old, gratuated from the Sapienza University of Rome in economics and commerce, he spent his career in the automotive industry, first in the Renault group then at Fiat Chrysler where he held the position of general manager of Fiat Professional before joining Trigano in 2020.
He doesn't hold any share.
Michel Freiche
General Manager
60 years old, graduate of EDHEC and chartered accountancy. He joined Trigano in 1988 after starting his career in an auditing firm (Ernst & Young). He holds 2,000 Trigano shares.
François Feuillet
Member of the Executive Board
72 years old, a graduate of HEC, he has been managing Trigano since 1981, after having worked as an auditor (KPMG), financial director and general manager (Singer Group and Compagnie Française du Meuble).
He holds 7,310,814 Trigano shares.
Marie-Hélène Feuillet
Member of the Executive Board
72 years old, graduate of HECJF, she joined Trigano in 1994 after a career with the Banque Populaire Group.
She holds 169 Trigano shares.
Paolo Bicci
Member of the Executive Board
63 years old, graduated from the University of Pisa in nuclear engineering. He joined Trigano in 2008, after managing the cooking division Europe of Electrolux.
He doesn't hold any share.



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