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Trigano beat all records in 2017!

François Feuillet:Indeed, this year, all indicators are positive. The demand in leisure vehicles got forward, and today, our market share reaches 32% of the European motorhome market. Thanks to the good level of demand and a gradually increase of the production capacity of motorhomes, Trigano sales rose by 29.6%. Yearly results benefited from the increase in activity, cost control and a further improvement in productivity. Trigano realised a current operating profit up 48.3%, reaching €148.5 million, which represents 8.7% of sales.

According to you, what are the keys to Trigano’s success?

François Feuillet: Trigano managed to adapt to sectors’ configurations. First, a decentralised structure was set up with an important reporting system and the slogan “Think centrally, implement locally”. Then, priority was given to external growth and the Europeanisation of Trigano by supporting motorhome activity.
The management of 2008 crisis made Trigano stronger with a drastic reduction of stock and production. Trigano was also able to anticipate the market recovery by increasing its production capacity before the competition, allowing its network to meet the increase in demand of their customers.
Finally, Trigano completed its Europeanisation with its last main acquisition in Slovenia in 2017. Today, Trigano is a multi-local company, so very close to the field, but also a company using its size when necessary.

How will the market develop in 2018?

François Feuillet: The market is well-oriented; the early season’s shows were generally promising. There is only one uncertainty: the evolution of Brexit in the United Kingdom, but Trigano is still maintaining a correct profitability in this market.
The growth of the motorhome market is expected to continue in Europe. Some countries are still behind their level of 2007 or 2008 despite the demographical growth of seniors constituting our customer base. Furthermore, pre-owned recent motorhomes available in the market, which are the first competitors of new motorhomes, are very few regarding strong reduction of production during the last decade. Finally, the van is experiencing a strong development that should continue over several years.

What are your objectives with the acquisition of Adria?

François Feuillet:Today, Adria has a modern factory with an automotive industrial vision acquired thanks its proximity to the Renault plant of Novo Mesto where some of the employees worked before. It is a dynamic company which is successful in the whole European market. Adria exports the majority of its production unlike most manufacturers of leisure vehicles. Against its usual habits, Trigano bought a healthy company, with a better productivity than most of its factories and with good quality products. Adria is a very well-managed company.
This acquisition will be profitable for all Trigano business units thanks to industrial, commercial and purchasing synergies which will be implemented.
First, Trigano will favour the growth of Adria’s production capacity with the objective of 20% increase in production capacity in 2019.

What developments do you plan in 2018?

François Feuillet: Trigano invested in the development of most of its production sites and has taken profit of it. In 2018, and then in 2019, investments will enable this sustained growth to continue.
Furthermore, Trigano needs to improve its attractiveness to attract workforce in our subsidiaries despite the decline in unemployment in Europe. To achieve this point, we will improve the working environment in all our factories.
Finally, Trigano has today twenty-five motorhome brands. Some will complete the existing arrangement on new markets as it was done successfully in the United Kingdom.

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