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Last year was a very good vintage for Trigano, and 2016 was even better!

François Feuillet: That’s true, Trigano benefited during this year from the strong development of the demand in the leisure vehicle sector in Europe, especially in motorhomes. The motohome market in Europe was up 15.1% in the season 2015/2016 and reached a new record of 92,954 registrations, which is 2.4% above the previous peak reached in 2007. The business strategy and the increase of the production capacity of Trigano aiming at offering a better service to our distribution networks allowed us to gain market shares in most of the European countries: Trigano’s motorhome sales increased by 27.6% in the financial year.

In your opinion, is the strong recovery in the European motorhome market sustainable?

François Feuillet:German, British, Belgian, Swedish and Swiss markets are at their highest historical level, but France, Italy and Spain didn’t completely recover from the economic crisis. The growth is confirmed in the first months of 2016/2017 on the European Market. This dynamic is linked to the demographic trend of our customer base, it should consequently be sustainable. Since 2008, the crisis has caused a psychological self-limitation of potential motorhome buyers; that is why we currently observe an adjustment phenomenon.

I believe that we are far from the end of this growth but Trigano will not remain passive and just be driven by natural growth of the market. The opportunities to outperform the market remain significant in numerous countries.

How do you approach 2017?

François Feuillet: We expect a new progression of motorhome sales in 2017: our new ranges had a favorable feedback by distribution networks and individuals on European exhibitions and local fairs. We have a coherent and competitive range and full orders books. Our challenge is to adapt accordingly our production capacity to meet the demand.

Does the geopolitical situation affect the European motorhome market?

François Feuillet:Yes it does, but positively. Geopolitical, sanitary or environmental crises have a strong impact on the touristic activity, but despite the wave of terrorist attacks that were perpetrated in the world since 2015, tourists still travel even though they have changed their destinations and prefer to travel close to their place of residence. Leisure vehicles do perfectly meet these requirements, and still benefit from solid fundamentals such as liberty, economy and ecology.

You have announced an upturn in investments, in which fields?

François Feuillet: Loyalty towards distributors is part of Trigano’s DNA, consequently we must be able to sell them more products to meet the strong evolution of their demand. Numerous projects to increase production capacity were completed, are in progress or planned. For instance, regarding the high-potential van segment, a new factory was recently inaugurated in Italy and our factory of Brantôme (Dordogne) will be extended to allow it to double its production capacity. Other major projects aim at a better use of the existent, in particular in Sablé-sur-Sarthe, Tournon-sur-Rhône and in all our subsidiaries in Italy, Spain and Germany. Besides tangible investments, it involves a large program of recruitment and training. We also plan to increase our productivity by an accelerated modernization of our production tool. The improvement of working conditions is as well one of our priorities. At last, Trigano has an important financial capacity that allows to actively pursue its external growth policy if opportunities occur.

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