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The Strategic Committee

The rules of procedure of the Executive Board defined by the Supervisory Board provided the establishment of a Strategic Committee composed of members of the Executive Board and six managers of business units.
The purpose of this Strategic Committee is to feed the Executive Board’s reflexion about the management of the company, the definition and conduct of its politic and its strategy.

The Strategic Committee is composed of 11 members

François Feuillet
Président du Directoire
Marie-Hélène Feuillet
Directeur Général
Michel Freiche
Directeur Général
Paolo Bicci
Membre du Directoire
Sonja Gole
Managing Director Adria
Dave Thomas
Managing Director Auto-Trail V.R.
Fernando Ortiz
Managing Director Benimar
Jean-Bernard Boulet
Managing Director Trigano VDL
Jean-Paul Fassinotti
Deputy Managing DirectorTrigano VDL

Director of Accessories Activity
Olivier Marduel
Director of the Camping Equipment activity and Residences Trigano
Michel de Verneuil
Director of the Trailers Activity
Jérôme Durand
Purchasing Director
Bertrand Noguès
Director of the Commercial Coordination
Cédric Ratouis
Chief Financial Officer
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