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Leisure vehicles:91.5 % of Turnover

Motorhome (73.6% of consolidated sales)

Motorhomes are the leading activity of Trigano. They account for nearly three-quarters of the group's consolidated turnover.
A major player in Europe, Trigano offers innovative vehicle ranges that are always geared towards the best equipment/price ratio.
With production units based in 6 countries (France, Italy, Germany, England, Spain and Slovenia), Trigano has a portfolio of 25 brands distributed through quality distributor networks with which the group maintains a relationship of trust and mutual loyalty built up year after year.


Trigano has been an expert in the manufacture of caravans for over 50 years.
The Company is present in all market segments: rigid touring and living caravans, folding caravans, with 6 main brands: Adria, Caravelair, Sterckeman, La Mancelle, Jamet and Trigano.

Mobile homes

Trigano presents a wide choice of models combining numerous standard equipment, high technicality of materials and contemporary aesthetics.
The clientele is comprised of campsites, tour operators and private individuals.

Accessories for leisure vehicles

Established in 6 countries
and commercially present in 10 countries, Trigano offers a wide and diversified range of accessories and spare parts
to complete the fitting out of leisure vehicles and to maintain them on a daily basis.
The Company holds a strong leadership position in the European accessories market through 10 companies and many distributor networks. It offers its partners first-rate tools and services: logistics, training, online presence, merchandising, financing, operational marketing.


Trigano's range of services includes the rental of motor homes, the financing of all leisure vehicles and a range of rental stays in mobile homes.

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