Business activities


Trigano has two activities:

– leisure vehicles (over 90% of sales this year) – caravans, motorhomes, mobile homes and their
– recreational equipment – trailers, garden equipment and camping material.

Mobile homes
Luggage trailers
Utility vehicles
Boat trailers


Motorhomes are the leading activity of Trigano. It accounts for nearly three-quarters of the group’s consolidated turnover.
A major player in Europe, Trigano offers innovative vehicle ranges that are always geared towards the best value for money.
With production units based in 6 countries (France, Italy, Germany, England, Spain and Slovenia), Trigano has a portfolio of 27 brands distributed through quality distributor networks with which the group maintains a relationship of trust and mutual loyalty built up year after year.

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From vans to liners, Trigano offers vehicles for every taste.

Composed mainly of young seniors (55-65 years old), the motorhome customer base is a quality clientele with
free time and income allowing them to take full advantage of this type of leisure activity. Seduced by the values
conveyed by the motorhome (freedom, independence, conviviality, authenticity, economy, ecology), she has the
habit of leaving frequently, preferably out of season and outside the traditional tourist circuits.

Presence across all market segments and all ranges

The demographic growth of this core target group, which is expected to continue for several more years due to
the “papy boom”, provides a solid foundation for the development of the motorhome and other leisure vehicle


Trigano has been an expert in the manufacture of caravans for over 50 years.
The Company is present in all market segments: rigid touring and living caravans, folding caravans, with 6 main brands: Adria, Caravelair, Sterckeman, La Mancelle, Jamet and Trigano.

Mobile homes

From canvas structures to mobile homes, Trigano offers a wide range of outdoor accommodation for professionals (campsites, tour operators) and private individuals alike, combining design, comfort and reliability.
The company markets its products under the Adria and Résidences Trigano brands.

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Trigano’s range of services includes the rental of motor homes, the financing of all leisure vehicles and a range of rental stays in mobile homes.

Accessories for leisure vehicles

Established in 6 countries and with a commercial presence in 10 countries, Trigano offers a wide and diversified range of accessories and spare parts to complete the fitting out of leisure vehicles and to maintain them on a daily basis.
The Company operates in the European accessories market through 12 companies and many distributor networks. It offers
its partners first-rate tools and services: logistics, training, online presence, merchandising, financing and operational marketing.


With nearly 70 sales outlets, Libertium is the leading distributor of leisure vehicles in Europe.

With over 50 years’ experience in the world of leisure vehicles, Libertium gives its customers the opportunity to realise their desire to get away.
Our profession is the sale of new and secondhand vehicles, financing, sale, the installation of accessories and after-sales service.
Our range of services is expanding and changing to provide customers with better support in their purchasing and use experience.
These activities give Trigano access to the market and enable us to get to know end customers better so that we can meet their expectations more effectively.


As Europe’s leading trailer manufacturer, Trigano designs, manufactures and markets luggage and utility trailers for private and professional customers. With eight production sites and a vast network of dealers (general and specialist distributors,
dealers, internet), Trigano offers a wide range of innovative and competitive models.

Volumes sold in 2023

Luggage trailers : 89 300
Utility vehicles : 16 300
Boat trailers : 6 500

Garden equipment

Trigano markets a wide range of products: Outdoor games (porticoes, swings, slides), open-air pools, carports and garden sheds at the supermarket and on the internet.

Through its online sales site, Trigano offers a range of garden equipment sold all year round at attractive prices.

Camping equipment

With over 50 years’ experience in the manufacture of camping equipment, Trigano develops a complete range
of tents and camping furniture for individuals, as well as for communities and outdoor hotels.


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